Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Envichem is able to design and customize on-site wastewater treatment process, for difficult and challenging industrial waste streams. Upon analysis of the characteristics of the wastewater, Envichem will work closely with the end-user to develop the most cost effective, efficient, and sustainable treatment process.

Example Applications

• Recycling of barrel tumbling media solution

By using a non-chemical based process, the system ensures low running costs while reducing TSS to an undectable level, and total oil and grease content by more than 55%. This allows the treated water to be recycled again for tumbling or other washing process.

Wastewater Treatment

• Dye penetrant wastewater treatment

Instead of the conventional evaporation or ozone treatment process which generates high running costs, a proprietary two-step chemical treatment is used for quick and efficient COD, odour and colour removal. The treated water can be recycled, or even discharged on-site.

Wastewater Treatment